Black Hat Approach to Viral Video

In a guest post over at TechCrunch, Dan Ackerman Greenberg outlines his approach to taking just about any video viral. The approach manipulates the system to drive the results people want and there is some complaining that this kind of thing would be tolerated. While it may work, it certainly demonstrates questionable ethics and violations of terms of service.

However, for good or bad, these types of manipulations have been going on for years in all kinds of online and off line venues.

The biggest issue I see is that while Dan has gained a lot of attention with this post, he has also just raised the risk of using his service. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone try to figure out Dan’s clients for the single purpose of outing his clients as subscribers of this kind of approach.

Will being successful with some viral video campaign outweigh the damage done if people find out you manipulated the system?

Via Techmeme

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