Long Lead Times – Another Reason Why Old Media is Losing to New Media

Parade Magazine, which may be the leading news publication for many, ran today with a cover story of their interview with Benazir Bhuto. The problem was it ran as if she were alive and had not been killed by a terrorist attack 10 days ago. For the many Americans who probably don’t pay much attention to things, they may very well presume that she is still America’s best hope against al-Qaeda.

On Parade’s web page they acknowledge the problem:

Editor’s note: The assassination of Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto on Dec. 27 occurred after PARADE’s Jan. 6 issue went to press.

But no such note was included in the paper version that came with today’s paper. At least a 10 day lead time to produce and distribute content in this most traditional of ways

This is just one more reason why old media is losing fast to new media.

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