Why is Obama So Disappointing?

I wish Obama’s performance was not so disappointing. I thought McCain was the clear leader in the debate, driving the discussion his way. If it weren’t for the fact that McCain appeared to be a grumpy old guy who would not even look at Obama he would have won the thing hands down. American’s don’t like it when our presidents look mean. They’re supposed to represent us and if they look mean then we look mean.

If Obama comes out ahead in the polls for the debate, it was because McCain looked mean, not because Obama put forward a vision for a better America. It is so disappointing.

Stop agreeing with McCain already. Tell us how you are going to put the shine back on the city on the hill. The Republicans have tarnished the city beyond all belief. Tell us what the Democrats can do to put things right.

Just look at the last eight years,  we’ve had 9/11, Katrina, two un-popluar wars, a complete melt down in the credit markets, runaway federal spending, unimpeded destruction of our environment, oil prices beyond reason, an out of control deficit(which is a huge hidden tax burden  on our children) and a general trampling of civil rights in the name of patriotism.  The list of ways the Republican party has tarnished the once shiny city on the hill goes on and on.  The beautiful vision has gone all fuzzy thanks to the horrible job the Republicans have done running the country.  Reagan would be horrified.

And yet Obama is tied with McCain.  How can he not be up by 10 points or more?  So disappointing.

Obama needs to stop acting like the professor and start acting like a guy with a vision.  A vision that’s not some vague thing about change.

He needs to tell us that he will put an end to the Republican’s hidden tax on our children, win the war on terror and bring our soldiers home, make companies more competitive by reforming health care, and put some sensible regulation in place so that our financial markets work once again.  He’s the guy who should be claim the reform, prosperity and peace mantel, not McCain.

Tell us your proud to be a Democrat.  Tell us what it means.  Tell us that the party that cares about jobs, civil rights, and balanced budgets is back.  Tell us how you can put the shine back on America.  Paint us that vision and I think America will stand with you.

But if you can’t, America will stand with John McCain and hope the grumpy old guy can make good on his mantel of reform, prosperity and peace.

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