Amazon has just released a new console for their Web Services.  Here’s a copy of the email.  I also have a screen shot below.  Click on it to see the full screen version.

Wonder what this means for RightScale, which provided a great front end for AWS. They just got $13 million in funding last month, so they should have some time to figure out how to compete with this.

Dear AWS Developer,

We’re excited to announce the initial beta release of our AWS Management Console, a web-based, point-and-click, graphical user interface that makes it even easier to access and manage AWS Infrastructure Web Services. The initial release provides an online interface for Amazon EC2, with additional AWS services scheduled to be added in the coming months. The console presents an intuitive, global picture of your cloud computing environment so that you can control your AWS resources without programming directly to an API.

You do not need to write any code or install any software if you access Amazon EC2 via the AWS Management Console. You simply log in to the console after signing up for Amazon EC2 and immediately begin managing your resources through the point-and-click interface. Within minutes, you will be able to configure your application environment and begin launching and managing Amazon EC2 instances, mounting Amazon Elastic Block Store volumes, and listing your Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

Access to the AWS Management Console is provided free of charge at We invite you to have a look, start using it to manage your applications, and tell us what you think. Feedback links are located at the bottom of each page, and we wholeheartedly welcome your suggestions, requests, and comments.


The Amazon Web Services Team


Click on image to see full version

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