MBA in a Box

If you have a small business and want some excellent coaching on how to increase profits and sales, then you should seriously consider signing up for Paul Lemberg’s Formula Five system.  I signed up and looked inside the program and it is a very impressive program.  I think it’s best for companies under $20 million that need to generate more leads, increase sales, improve margins and role out new products faster.

It’s all common sense stuff, but it works.  I found that it makes the normal business much simpler and increases the focus on what’s really important.  It cost around $2k so it only makes sense if your serious about executing what you find.

If you’re on the smaller side of $20M then the owner should probably take the course. If you’re a bit bigger it would be good for the top marketing guy to take.

Even if you don’t take the full course they have some great videos which are well worth watching.

You can find the course by clicking here and checking out the free videos.

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