The Importance of Being On Frame

I spent the past few weeks enjoying the Women’s Soccer World Cup and it really made me think about the importance of being “on frame”.  That’s soccer lingo for putting your shot on the target.  In soccer, the target is with the frame of the goal.  Putting your shots on frame is the only way you’ll score.

The US National team was like magic to watch.  The game against Brazil was especially fantastic with a last minute tying shot that Abby Wambach put on frame.  Then, they win it in penalty kicks with 5 more shots on frame that all scored.

The final game had everything you could want in a quality soccer match.  Ups, downs, the stories of two incredible teams, sportsmanship, and everything left of on the field by all involved.

Congrats to the Japanese Team.  They fought hard and deserved their title.

The US team was equally worthy of winning and that made watching them choke painful.  They chocked on defense, on offense and in the PKs.  Really sad to see this from such great competitors.

The team had two defensive mishaps that allowed Japan to tie things up in both regulation and in overtime.  Then, Japan won the penalty kick contest.

But it wasn’t the defensive mistakes that cost the US the game.  The problem is that too their shots we not on frame.

Before the penalty kicks, the US had 27 shots at the goal, with only 5 being on frame.  Japan only had 14 shots, but put 6 of them on frame.  Then in PKs, the US had two shots blocked and one that missed the frame.

If you’re not on frame, you have no chance to score.

It’s like that in life too.  If you’re not on frame, you you have no chance of realizing your goals.

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