Long Beach Press-Telegram Continues to Advocate for Unconstitutional Laws

The Long Beach Press Telegram continues to write misguided editorials about the recent passage of a law requiring out of state retailers to collect sales tax.  The last time I wrote to the editor, they totally censored my post.  So, here is the reponse I sent to them tonight.  I hope they have the guts to publish it entirely this time.

Here’s my response:

Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled that it is unconstitutional for states to force out of state retailers who do not have physical presence in the state to collect sales taxes.  This is the second time the Press-Telegram has advocated in support of an unconstitutional law on this matter.  Do your home work!

Secondly, you should realize that the biggest backer of the unconstitutional law is Wal-Mart, Inc.  Wal-Mart is not the friend of local small business. Because of their lobbying efforts and poorly informed editorial staff advocating unconstitutional positions, the State of California passed an unconstitutional law that caused thousands of people working for small business to lose their jobs.

California has lost jobs and tax revenues because of our legislature’s arrogant attempt to bypass the Supreme Court’s ruling.  Amazon is no saint, but like the Press-Telegram they have a right to fight for their constitutional rights.

If you’re going to write editorials, get your facts straight.

PS – either print this entirely or you don’t have permission to use it at all. The last time you edited my position you totally distorted my message.

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